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The potato harvest is well under way in the rich peaty soils of the fens. Harvests in terms of tonnes/acre vary across the fields. The trailers hauled in by the tractors are being weighed and unloaded at the processing and packaging unit. Each of the five tractors bringing in the harvest has a a unique number and we know that the tractor number over the bonnet of each tractor is correct.
The two numbers below each tractor indicate the acreage of the field just harvested in rounded brackets and the tonnage harvested in square brackets.
Unfortunately the computerised ticketing system at the potato processing unit has gone awry.
The numbers for these five tractors indicating tonnage and acreage are all mixed up.
Work out the logic between the tractor number, the field size in acres and the harvest in tonnes. Furthermore work out the missing weight and assign it to the correct tractor.
Potato harvest puzzle

Potato harvest puzzle